Dr Lukas F Lang

Passionate about maths, science, and data

It's a wrap: end of year retrospective

I am sure most of you have noticed: apps have released their “2021 in review” stories showing your favourite songs, your most-purchased items, or your most-read articles.

Visitors at Tate Modern, London, UK Visitors at Tate Modern, London, UK.

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What is... Data Science?

It depends who is asking (and whom you ask).

Southwark Bridge, London, UK Southwark Bridge, London, UK.

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Hi there!

I have decided to finally redesign my website and to start a blog.

In this first post I explain why I start writing, what I will write about, and for whom I intend to write. I will try to ease my posts a bit with pictures I took over the last couple of years.

Suidhe Viewpoint, Scotland, UK Image taken at Suidhe Viewpoint, Scotland, UK.

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